Jul 26, 2022


$100,000 - $150,000 yearly
  • Leduc Physio
  • Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Full time Physiotherapist

Job Description


  • Graduated from an Accredited University, Congratulations! 
  • Are passionate about learning, no matter where you are in your career.  
  • Get energized from solving problems. You may have even solved a rubix cube or two… 
  • Want to work in direct patient care and like to mix up your caseload. 
  • Prefer to work in a team environment where you can bounce ideas off colleagues in a safe environment 
  • Don’t have to live in Leduc, in fact most of us enjoy the short commute 
  • Prefer the small-town community feeling, where you really get to know the families, you have the pleasure of working with. 
  • Want a manager who is easy to talk to and communicates well 
  • Want a work / life balance and do not like to be hassled about taking time off 
  • Like to celebrate! Holidays, Oilers games, National Pet Day…  
  • Mac Or PC? We don’t care, just as long as you know how to use it 
  • Have an affinity for the outdoors 
  • Have wanted to correct someone on their improper grammar use . ( their, they’re, there) 
  • Have friends who say your honest, good natured, and they can count on you 
  • Have mentors who describe you as reliable, professional, and ethical 


  • Are celebrating our 20th year of business and love Leduc and the small-town feeling. 
  • Have owners who spend a lot of time volunteering in the community, engaging with other businesses and supporting local sports 
  • Also have owners who are pretty cool about mentorship. With a combined 35 years of experience, we still love working in direct patient care. 
  • Have an overwhelming love for dogs 
  • Get really excited about helping others 
  • Get even more excited about vacations  
  • Think there is magic in seeing our clients get closer to their goals, no matter how small 
  • Have supportive manages who love to communicate 
  • Support your mental health and wellness, burnout is not cool. 
  • Love a strong cover letter, it’s perfectly fine to brag about yourself 
  • Are ok with you stalking us at @leducphysio on Instagram and Facebook before your interview 

Relocation assistance provided?


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