Apr 06, 2021

Registered Physiotherapist (ortho/pelvic specialist): Wellness Educator

$50,000 - $100,000 yearly
  • revibe
  • 2290 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Part time Physiotherapist

Job Description

Wellness Educator: Physiotherapist (Ortho/Pelvic Specialist)

  • Wellness Education:

- Instructing, motivating, and assisting clients in a safe, legal, moral, ethical manner to achieve their goals.
- Conducting on-site assessments of clients’ wellness utilizing proprietary evaluation protocols.
- Updating action plans and/or re-evaluating guests/members (g/m) as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.
- Maintaining constant communication with g/m to ensure goals are being met.
- Leading and Presenting Wellness Education methodology through education programs, workshops, seminars, digital program development.
- Work in collaboration with Integrated Wellness Team (i.e PT, RMT, DC, AT, RKIN) in the (p)rehabilitation and strengthening of guest/members (g/m).
-Services may include but are not limited to: therapy services, soft tissue treatment, rehabilitation services, manual therapy, exercise prehabilitation and rehabilitation etc.

  • Guest Experience and Hospitality:

- Welcoming all guests and members entering our club with world-class hospitality
- Providing new guest/member (g/m) interactions throughout their g/m experience journey.
- Onboard all new g/m with red carpet tour, orientation, mandatory form completion, and health & safety screening protocols
- Appointment management
- Adhering to opening, midday, and closing procedures
- Ensuring continuous cleaning/ sanitizing and general upkeep of the club and equipment
- Replenishing supplies and inventory

COVID-19 considerations:
All persons entering revibe are required to wear a face mask as required under the City of Mississauga by-law no. 0169-2020.

Physical distancing
Sanitize hands
Every one required to passively screen themselves.

Relocation assistance provided?


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