Mar 16, 2021

Pelvic Health Physio

$80,000 - $110,000 yearly
  • The Cheerful Pelvis
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
Full time Physiotherapist

Job Description

The Cheerful Pelvis is a team of physio's and allied staff working together in East Vancouver to 

1) offer physio services for pelvic health across the gender spectrum

2) focus on collaborative learning, fostering a culture based on growth and working towards clinical excellence as a team and as individuals 

Our values are;

Authenticity; Integrity; Growth; Curiosity and Humility. 

Check out @the.cheerful pelvis for an inside look, and here's what current staff have to say;

"One of the things that has made me feel most supported is that I can ask a clinical question and be met with enthusiasm instead of dread or judgment. We have a commitment to growth and all have learning goals. That fact alone makes me feel supported and doesn't make me feel less than when I don't have all the answers. The feeling of always having to perform and be perfect is exhausting and sometimes crushing. I feel at TCP that I can take a layer of that off and be my authentic self as everyone else is doing the same and accepting that we are all learning/growing together."

"Having individual mentorship at TCP has taught me to look for my strengths and has helped me grow in my weaker areas. Also I so appreciate that when we discussed my hours when I was onboarding, your focus was my well-being and not how much money I would bring to the clinic. It helped me open my mind that as a boss, you valued me as a person more than just what I could do for you. It helped me reframe time as not just a commodity for earning money"

"I purposely took this job knowing it didn't have the same financial pay that I previously had but this work has been transformational to me as a person as well as it has already altered my trajectory as a physio and I couldn't be more grateful."

"Exactly the team dynamic that I have been looking for for years. Feels like we are learning and growing from one another. I feel supported and like I am part of a "whole" while still feeling like I have autonomy to do my thing."

"Equal seniority at work. The "team" approach cultivates such an inclusive environment and moves us away from so much conflict or cliqueness. Usually, I am one to want to take everything on myself, but this is the first environment where I am eager and willing to lean on a team member, even/especially Anniken, when necessary, and truly do feel like we operate as a collective "one"."

We have a no-ego culture, understanding that all are learning and growing at all times. Learning is driven by owner Anniken Chadwick, and team lead Trish Gipson but lead by the needs of the group.

We hold weekly in-services with either in-house or externally sourced facilitators. 

We are a busy clinic that has only grown and flourished through the challenges of 2020.

If you are 

  • a life long learner
  • want to be part of a collaborative team environment 
  • love pelvic health 
  • understand the need for personal development as well as professional development
  • want to work in a clinic where your seen, celebrated, and have room to grow

Then please get in touch!

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