Rae Physiotherapy & Pilates

Rae Physiotherapy & Pilates offers a unique combination of assessment and treatment tools to help you get to the root of the problem so you can recover more quickly and get back to what you love doing. Our brand new integrated health studio, recently opened in Vancouver BC, offers Connect Therapy™ Physiotherapy to fully assess and treat you as a whole, so you can understand your movement choices and work to retrain them, helping you move with more ease and help prevent recurrence of symptoms. We help patients re-train non-optimal movement strategies using Clinical Pilates to develop new movement potential while utilizing Acupuncture (CAFCI), IMS, IASTM and visceral manipulation as treatment tools to perform precise releases to encourage these changes. Within this model we are also proud to offer a Women’s Health Clinic providing pelvic floor assessment and re-training using the full body approach. We provide unique one-on-one direct care that is completely tailored to you and your recovery journey.