South City Physiotherapy

Healing our community, one body at a time

Established in 1990, South City Physiotherapy has grown from a one-person operation to a team of over a dozen dedicated professionals working out of the main clinic and a workplace satellite clinic. 

A multidisciplinary, community physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, South City is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the medical community.  We believe that by pooling our collective knowledge and talents, we can create a vital and significant change in health care and health care delivery.

Our services

With a team of highly qualified physiotherapists, osteopathic manual practitioners, kinesiologists and massage therapists, South City offers a wide range of services to effectively treat many conditions.  The clinic provides first-class treatment facilities with a full gym and a complete selection of therapeutic modalities so you can start feeling better.

Our mission

South City Physiotherapy is guided by a commitment to

  • evidence-based, ethical treatments of the highest quality
  • the most advanced therapies and techniques
  • timely access to our services
  • excellence and professionalism through intensive post-graduate training.