Performance Health and Fitness Centre

Performance Health & Fitness Centre, located in Stettler, AB. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible individualized services.  Whether you are looking for rehabilitation from an injury or aiming to prevent one, improving your sporting performance or simply striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we are here for you!  We provide individualized assessments, treatments, and education (as well as group classes) for a wide range of health concerns.  Our aim is to 'help you, help yourself'.  Our goal is to educate you, to keep your body in optimal condition and good working order. 

In addition to our clinic, we have a fitness centre with 24-hour card access and is fully equipped with a wide range of cardio and strength equipment!  Our new facility augments our commitment to health from both a prevention and treatment perspective.  We offer a wide range of fitness services to help you meet your goals. The goals of our current members vary greatly from preventing another heart attack, to improving triathlon records.  We offer personal training, classes, and programs to meet everyone's needs! 

Our ever-growing team of professionals are highly qualified, each with individual areas of interest and expertise.  We are continually upgrading our skills to stay current with advances in medical research, fitness, exercise, and rehabilitation.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on our team approach, investing in excellent working relationships with your family physicians, specialists, coaches and trainers.  To ensure success, individual programs are suited to your personal lifestyle.