The Massage and Treatment Clinic

- Established (2003) Multidisciplinary clinic with 9 RMTs a Chiropractor, Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Acupuncturist/TCM. Ideally located across from highway/transit

- focus on Chronic pain, catastrophic injuries, motor vehicle accidents, seniors, pre/post natal, disabilities, chronic illness symptomatic relief

- modalities such as cold Laser, ultrasound, IFC, Hot stones, cupping.  RMTs have additional training in Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Reset, RAPID Neurofascial, cranial sacral, TMJ, advanced pelvic techniques.

- provide FT reception, private rooms, flexible schedules, hydraulic tilt tables, are looking for a Physiotherapist that has manipulative experience working with chronic pain, someone who provides 15- 30-60 min sessions hands on with additional skills in Graston, TMJ, concussion, pelvic floor, being an asset, integrated treatment plans

- competitive split, independence, supportive team