Pillars of Wellness

We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering different services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathy, counseling, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, and speech therapy.

Being a “One-Stop Health Solution” really refers to our clinics' ability to address health concerns utilizing the minds of many different yet related health professions.  We recognize that everybody and mind are unique in their strengths and limitations and as such we are able to offer a wide variety of treatment approaches.

We proud ourselves to offer truly integrated care. This concept is to improve patient experience and achieve greater efficiency and value from health delivery systems. In other words, we provide our clients with an opportunity to receive a comprehensive assessment from several health practitioners and look at the presenting concern from a variety of angles. This holistic approach helps to determine the best course of action while maximizing the recovery process and reducing the redundancy of care. 

Our vision at Pillars of Wellness is to provide services which fully embodies collaboration and partnership amongst professionals and to serve as a primary center for the maintenance and promotion of health.  We aim to revolutionize the way we diagnose, treat, care, rehabilitate and promote health for our clients.