Think Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

We are a multidisciplinary clinic and we have a special interest in Wellness for the entire family. We take pride in the services offered by our various care providers (both human and animal - chiropractic only for animals please).
Dr. Rod Kirk and Dr. Teri Hayward are our chiropractors and they team perfectly with Rhonda Sparks, RMT, Dr. Margot Lattanzi, ND, Steph Metzger, RHN and Jacqueline Marti, TCM.Each practitioner excels in their respective area of focus while, at the same time, values the opportunity to work collaboratively with the other team members to offer you the most comprehensive and robust health care possible. They thrive on helping patients function optimally. In addition to the full compliment of hands-on care techniques our practitioners use, we also offer additional services (Theralase Cold Laser Therapy, Myovision Scanning, Footmaxx Orthotics) as well as a long list of nutritional and well-being supplements. We KNOW we have the "dream team" for helping patients achieve their very best and most optimal health!!