All About U Massage

It’s all about “U”. For once in your lifetime, U will get to think about yourself first instead of always caring for others: your kids, mom, husband, wife, grandma, etc. The time is now. Take charge. It’s all about your health, your well-being. Focus on “U”. Left side of U is “Before”. Right side of U is “After”. After clients are done with All about U Massage services, they will be higher than before: a healthier Mom, a More confident Dad, a Better athlete, and most importantly, a happier U. "Treat Yourself Pamper Yourself Indulge Yourself Experience Bliss" Direct Billing is Available for your convenience.

We are located in the heart of Central Alberta between Red Deer and Calgary. We have a huge area that comes to town to shop and look for services outside of a city.

We are passionate about helping others and being a part of our clients journey to see a better them and a stronger wellness.