Adventure Physiotherapy

Adventure Physiotherapy is focused on patient outcomes. We want your experience with us to exceed your expectations. Our clinic offers private rooms so you can take comfort in your information remaining private. The staff at Adventure Physiotherapy is committed to your success in treatment because we know that if you are feeling better you'll participate in a more adventurous life. We want all our patients to live an active lifestyle, adding years to your life and life to your years. We believe that exercise is the most powerful medicine to enhance your health and vitality and we want to be part of your team to help you maintain your health throughout your life. We are you and your family's movement specialists.


Physiotherapy has been characterized by a therapist doing 'something' to you to decrease pain or help you move better. This strategy is effective in the short term but it lacks long-term results. Long-term results come from active approaches that change the way a person moves habitually. We decided to open Adventure Physiotherapy to follow recent shifts toward evidence-informed rehabilitation and develop a clinic from the ground up that allows us to pursue excellence. 


  •   Individualized Care;
  •   Research-informed therapy;
  •   Active rehabilitation;
  •   Community involvement;
  •   Shared decision making; and
  •   Providing a comfortable environment for people to be introduced or reengage with healthy habits.