Human Integrated Performance

Human Integrated Performance is Edmonton’s newest Performance Company dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through a fully integrated service model incorporating sport science and sport performance tools. 

We are a leading human performance company, enhancing lives by integrating science and care to achieve peak performance in sport, business and life.

We pride ourselves on the credentials we offer and the professionalism we display. Our belief in a multi-disciplinary approach to every client is at the heart of our company philosophy. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive package of performance services unparalleled in the Edmonton area.

We are an innovative and progressive practice known for delivering excellent patient outcomes and customer service in a community oriented, friendly, yet professional environment. We are opening our new flagship location in a bright, modern location in the heart of Glenora and only minutes from downtown Edmonton. We are continuing to expand due to a popular following amongst patients, medical referrers, strong networks and an excellent community reputation. Our clientele consists of amateur and elite level athletes as well as business professionals and other high performers.

Our mission is to be a leader in empowering peak performance in sport, business and life. We integrate individuality, science and care through passionate professionals, and create a community that fosters the achievement of new personal bests.

 We are committed to helping all of our team to reach their potential professionally and personally and provide all the support necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, fun and supportive environment.