Aethos is a brand new luxurious health, performance and recovery facility. It is the only establishment of its kind in the province to offer a state of the art Fitness, Clinical and Recovery services, all in the same area.  It is located between Lawrence and York Mills, off Leslie.

Aethos takes a scientific approach to optimizing your mind and body, which promotes a truly advanced way of living.  It is equipped with the highest grade equipment along with the most cutting-edge technologies (cryotherapy chamber, sequential dynamic compression devices, photobiomodulation devices, HR & HRV monitors, DNA testing for optimal health and wellness purposes, etc).  

Our patient and client demographic is highly functioning, motivated professionals in their respective fields (athletes, executives, weekend warriors), therefore, our vision is to provide them with the facility and therapies that professional athletes have available to them.  In the clinic, there are several private treatment rooms in addition to an open concept treatment area. Patients also have access to the fitness area, recovery lounges, sauna and all amenities.

We chose this name because by definition it mean "Character, that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or values that characterize a community or ideology".  We want everyone affiliated with our facility (staff and patients) to share a common vision where the focus is on having healthcare preventative and predictable while making health and performance (physical and cognitive) personalized, individualized and optimized.

The clinic director is two time Olympian, Dr. Josh Binstock, DC.  It is a multidisciplinary practice including; Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic and Medical Doctors.

The environment is professional yet relaxed, collaborative and supportive.