Alta-Sask Wellness

Alta-Sask Wellness Inc is a multidisciplinary, multi location Physiotherapy and rehabilitation provider. Our staff includes over 20 therapists being Physiotherapists,  kinesiologists and massage therapists. We have family physicians as well as sports medicine specialist,  consultant psychology and a foot specialist. We service regions in central Canada on the Alberta and Saskatchewan the border. 

Our caseload meets the needs of all Private practice Physiotherapists. Our experienced staff can provide mentorship and supervision for the Canadian  orthopaedic system having experienced FCAMPT therapists, also sports physiotherapists experienced in local, national and international events as well as chronic pain management, dry needling, acupuncture, and myofascial work. 

Alta-Sask Wellness has been part of the Lloydminster for almost 20 years, Cold Lake for 10 years and Meadow Lake for 5 years. Our clinics are well-equipped, modern and automated with EMR-based programming. The comminutes we serve are young, active and close to beautiful lakes and the outdoors. They are great places to be active, raise your family and get involved.

Due to the vast needs of our patients, you can work in and fine tune your niche at Alta-Sask Wellness.

Manual therapy: if this is where your passion lies, we have FCAMPT therapists with over 20 years experience who will provide mentorship and supervision if necessary.

Sports: if Sports Physiotherapy is what you’re looking for, we provide pre-season screening, on field coverage and post-injury treatment for our elite college athletes, high level hockey teams, as well as football teams. Our services are provided in conjunction with a sports medicine specialist, in close relationship with orthopaedic surgeons. Mentorship can be provided from an experienced therapist in sports coverage at local, national and international events.

Chronic pain: for those of you who love the challenge of treating patients that don’t easily get better, we have secondary and tertiary level treatment programing which deals with neuro musculoskeletal problems that have a chronic pain component. Working in a team environment with exercise therapists, physicians and psychologists gives the support and environment to master this area of physiotherapy.

The communities we serve have a low average age meaning it is full of young and active families making it a great place for other young active families. They have accessibility to beautiful lakes and outdoor regions.