Synapse by Park Integrative Health

Park Integrative Health offers comprehensive health care and wellness treatments for patients in the Edmonton Area.

The concept for Park Integrative Health grew from our shared belief that a journey to health requires an inclusive approach. One that focuses on an individual’s mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing. 

We saw a gap in service delivery for wellness treatments and a misbelief that eastern and western medical traditions cannot co-exist. We knew the system needed disruption.

In late 2017, our concept for an integrative clinic became a reality when we opened the doors of Park Integrative Health in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Since opening our clinic, we’ve worked tirelessly to promote our message of integrative care in the Edmonton Area and beyond.

Our vision is to see the health care system move from reactionary to proactive; from operating in silos to a collaborative movement; and from separating eastern and western medicines to integrating the two with empowered patients at the centre. We believe the future of health care is integrative.

Synapse represents the growth and expansion of PIH and the culmination of over five years of hard work, vision, and listening to what our community told us they needed. Not quite a second location, though it is physically in a separate commercial bay, Synapse by Park Integrative Health is an add-on to our existing space, an expansion of our clinic that is located a few doors down within the same complex in Sherwood Park.

The new space represents the growth and expansion of PIH, something we’re incredibly excited about. More than that, it’s the culmination of over five years of hard work, vision, and listening to what our community told us they needed. You see, we were slightly limited by the services we could offer under one roof, partly due to space restrictions and partly due to being the first fully integrative health clinic in the Edmonton Metro Area. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.

But what we saw (and heard) over the years from our wonderful patients was that we needed to add more. There were some missing puzzle pieces to this wholly integrative experience, and we no longer wanted to refer patients out-of-clinic for treatments we knew we could deliver in-house. It was just a matter of some strategic planning, time, a little elbow grease, and finding the right team members to deliver on the vision.

When our leadership team got together to discuss ideas for “PIH 1.5,” we all agreed that this was the missing piece of PIH coming to life. It was the space between — not quite a fully second clinic, but an extension of our existing clinic that would offer the additional integrative health treatments our community had asked for.

The name for the new space came easily after that:

SYNAPSE by Park Integrative Health.

In Western medicine, a synapse is the point of contact between neurons where information is passed from one neuron to the next. From an Eastern medical perspective, a synapse represents the unseen energy passing through. In either case, a synapse is the space between, and that’s exactly what “PIH 1.5” is going to be. It’s a natural part of your journey through integrative wellness and a natural addition to our blossoming clinic.

As the ideas flowed for Synapse and we began working with designers of all types, we knew that the new space needed to be a bit different from our current clinic — an evolution of our existing brand. Over the coming weeks and months, you’re going to notice some changes to the way PIH is visually presented. And we can’t wait. But for now, here is a preview of the direction we’re headed: