Speech Language Network Ltd.

The SLN is a team of Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists who are passionate about communication, learning, and being fully engaged mentally and emotionally in relationships and daily activities. 

At the SLN, we believe the potential for effective communication and life participation exists within all of us. However, this is easier for some than others. For those with speech, language, mental health, active living and social challenges, the struggle of feeling stuck, unable to communicate, and be fully engaged can leave people of all ages feeling frustrated.

Communication, stable mental health and engagement in daily life activities are necessary and with us across a lifetime. Our role is to provide the tools and guidance to remove barriers and to ensure that people of all ages have a voice and a way to effectively learn, engage and communicate. These skills are essential for successful human connection and well-being.

The SLN was created to help people of all abilities to unlock their inner potentialgain confidence and express their unique selves to the world.