The Movement Co.

The Movement Co. strives to empower the Ottawa-Gatineau community to take control of its health. Using a multi-disciplinary approach to injury treatment we aim to reduce pain, restore muscle and joint function by addressing injuries, and increase physical performance.

Our team of Ottawa sports therapists will create a comprehensive and customized recovery plan by combining chiropractic adjustment, manual therapy, physiotherapy, massage, and rehabilitation. By understanding your short and long-term goals we will give you the tools to return to your passion with confidence. With these resources, you will become more resilient, and ultimately, perform better in your daily life and in your physical activities. So, whether you are injured, suffering from chronic pain, or are an athlete looking to increase your performance, The Movement Co. is your one-stop-shop.

May 10, 2023  
$70,000 - $90,000 yearly
You are a cyclist, endurance athlete, or sports enthusiast, who loves to help athletes of all kinds perform at their best. You have excellent physiotherapy skills, work well in a community setting, and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. As a Physiotherapist at The Movement Co., you will be working with a collaborative multidisciplinary sports performance team to help patients reach their rehab and sports training goals while enjoying ongoing mentorship from our team of professionals. You will join an energetic team who will value your ability to: Create a welcoming and warm environment for patients. Use your excellent hands-on and instrument assisted skills to heal injury, build resiliency and optimize performance Collaborate with our chiropractors and other therapists to build treatment plans and scheduling protocols for clients to produce optimal results. Lead patients towards their health and performance goals. About Us The Movement Co. is a...
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