FlexCare Therapy

Our Mission Statement:

Designed for everyone from professional athletes to young beginners, it’s our goal to guide clients through a rapid and thorough recovery and help clients return to peak performance. We provide our clients with a team of healthcare practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standards of physiotherapy, massage therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture. Our holistic approach is built on a fundamental belief in multiple professionals working together to facilitate the optimal path to recovery, injury prevention and wellness long term.

Our Core Value: We aren’t just looking for a great registered massage therapist – we are looking for quality people who are looking to grow and learn with us, who share a passion for sports, and who want to be part of a true team atmosphere.

  • Our Operational Principles:

Our clinic roster includes;

2 Physiotherapists, 3 massage therapists, 1 Chiropractor, 1 Acupuncturist *TCM*

PT licensed to practice in Ontario * Good Standing with College of Physiotherapists of Ontario * Active License and insurance * Fluent in English * New Grads Welcomed! #Physiotherapy #Physio