Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre

Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre has operated as a busy multi-disciplinary health clinic in Halifax for the past 16 years and has recently expanded to Sydney, Cape Breton in June, 2021. We offer patients a variety of therapeutic options to help patients achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Sports injuries, chronic pain, headaches, and low back/neck pain are a few of the common conditions we diagnose and treat. Our therapeutic approach is proactive and tailored to each and every patient’s specific needs. Our teams of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists employ various hands-on techniques and therapeutic treatment options to ultimately help patients achieve their health goals quickly and with minimized risk of recurrence. Our clinical model is founded in three pillars of care - Diagnosis, Treatment & Education. We firmly believe that emphasis on all three pillars of care allows us to achieve the therapeutic outcomes patients need and deserve. Our patient-centred, evidence-informed approach to care optimizes the patient experience in a professional and comfortable clinic environment. Take the Active Approach and let us help you Get Back To Your Active Life!