The Clinic YYC

Our Vision

Our vision is clear, providing you with outstanding healthcare at an affordable price and getting you feeling better and moving better so you are able to perform at your best.

We at The Clinic YYC take pride in what we do. Our healthcare specialists use a team-oriented approach to treatment. Our approach is not typical, we offer one one-on-one treatment visits, multiple treatment modalities, and most importantly, treatment visits that are not rushed.

Our specialists take the time to explain to you the causes and symptoms of your injury, provide you with a descriptive diagnosis, cater to your treatment goals, and ensure you have a prevention plan.

Our goal is not just to treat the causes and symptoms of your injury, but also to discover the underlying root problem and how to treat it so it does not become a recurring injury.

We want to see our patients activate their own health

How are we different?

Communication: our model of patient-centered care is one of integration. We believe in open dialogue and active, regular communication with other health care providers; from medical specialists to alternative health care providers to strength and conditioning specialists.

Quality of Care: we do not believe in assembly-line style, cookie-cutter, one-tool-fits-all-care. Each of our appointment times are 20-30 minutes of one-on-one care with your practitioner. This allows adequate time to re-assess, adapt, and progress your care each visit.

Leadership is action: each of our practitioners embraces an active lifestyle. We do not ask or recommend anything of our patients that we haven’t tried, experienced, or challenged ourselves

How do we measure success?

We measure success when a patient walks out happy and feeling better than when they arrived. We measure success when a patient is pain-free from recurring injury or chronic pain. We measure success when a patient refers other prospective patients to us, letting them know about the amazing experience they had at The Clinic YYC. To prove this, please check out our Testimonial section!