E.S Orthotics and Wellness



May 13, 2022  
$40.00 - $60.00 hourly
Job description E.S Orthotics & Wellness is a team of qualified physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists who will help prevent your health issue and promote quick recovery. We will carefully diagnose your medical history, assess your health issues and offer a personalized wellness plan. We are pleased to offer a myriad of healthcare and wellness services to patients from all walks of life. With our holistic treatments, we make sure that the methods used are suitable for you both mentally and physically. Our clinic is well equipped and ventilated to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Our non-invasive therapies can help you recover faster by eliminating the pain. RESPONSIBILITIES Assessing a patient's physical abilities and needs Developing a treatment plan according to the patient's individualized needs Implementing programs including therapeutic exercise, manipulations, and education Providing consultation or injury prevention and...
E.S Orthotics and Wellness 1 Eglinton Square, Toronto, ON, Canada Part time