Maximum Physiotherapy

Here at Aspire Physiotherapy, our objective is to promote health and movement!

We are a client-centred clinic that aims to provide the best possible care through an integrated approach. We always strive to educate and empower our clients. It's not just about pushing where it hurts, treating an injury, and getting rid of pain… it’s about attaining your goals!

Our team's vision is to be the most loved and trusted multi-disciplinary clinic in south Edmonton. We want our clients to love coming in, love our team, love the results, and trust our ability to get them better!

The secret to our success with clients is our specialized approach to movement. Movement relies on more than just physiology and anatomy, and it’s far too simple to just look at the area of injury. We engage with our clients to unearth the systemic issues in their health routine and lifestyle to determine the underlying causes. Based off this assessment, we create personalized treatment plans focused on each clients' unique needs and goals.

At Aspire Physiotherapy we are proud to say… We Get Results!