MapleCare Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life by providing a responsive healing environment for patients and their families by:

  • Ensuring an unrelenting attention to clinical excellence;
  • Providing patient-focused healthcare that is readily accessible, cost effective a and meets the needs of the communities we serve; and
  • Pursuing improvements in healthcare through research and patient centered innovations.

The road to recovery from an injury or illnesses at times can be long, that's why the clinicians at MapleCare's clinics take to the time to get to know each patient. Our clinicians spend more one on one time with our patients* along the road to their recovery. Our team of therapists is supported by a caring staff, new research and proven treatment protocols. Our treatments are individualized, our programs are reviewed by our senior clinician and are all based on proven research and evidence based outcomes.

We provide in clinic treatments and when needed for the benefit of the patient in their home eliminating the need to travel to a clinic.