Our multidisciplinary team combined with our extensive array of therapy modalities and comprehensive clinic rehab makes us one of the best clinics you will ever come to. Wellness First has been providing this highest quality service for over 18 years to the GTA. Most importantly, our Wellness First Team are all kind and caring individuals.

Our individually tailored treatment protocols can treat the cause of your health problem in an accelerated fashion because you will receive a very thorough treatment session each time you come for care. 

We succeed where others failed. We have therapeutic equipment specifically designed to treat your pain and injury. We also have equipment to maintain your health at a high level once you are properly treated by anyone of our health professionals. In many cases, there may be more than one cause contributing to your pain and injury. We can provide a separate treatment protocol to thoroughly heal muscle, joints, nerves, ligaments or tendons. Whether it is nerve damage or thick scan tissue, we have all the equipment to choose from to resolve even the most difficult cases. In fact, we regularly receive medical referrals for these types of difficult cases that other clinics failed to treat.

We have hundreds of positive testimonials from our patients, companies and various organizations. We have always given to charities and supported the local schools by regularly having coop students and student volunteers.