Cor Maximus

Cor Maximus is a multidisciplinary health center owned by Dr. Nick Green, Chiropractor and  Khouri Long, Sports Therapist Graduate.

Its programs and care are designed to connect clients with professionals that will provide education and interventions, allowing them to improve their mental, physical and social well being.

At Cor Maximus, our dynamic team of skilled practitioners and fitness professionals work to achieve the best possible results for the clients specific condition and personal goals. Treatments are provided in private rooms, with the undivided attention of the practitioner.

The guiding principles that every one of our team members follows are:

  • one-on-one care
  • hands on treatments
  • patient education
  • patient empowerment
  • respect of patients time
  • teamwork
  • continuous skill and knowledge development

We strive for a culture that is caring, compassionate, professional, energetic and easy going. Our team members are advocates of the health and wellness lifestyle. We maintain our connection to our community by participating in local sports, volunteering at local events and being engaged in our passions. Building relationships within the community, our home, is an important ongoing priority.

We look to make North Bay a happier, healthier and fitter community.