Vaughan Physiotherapy

Vaughan Physiotherapy Clinic has been serving the Thornhill, Richmond Hill and nearby  communities for over 15 years.

Our clinic has 2 full-time Registered Physiotherapists to provide physiotherapy services. We are committed to helping our patients achieve the highest quality of life by restoring and maximizing their physical health. Their recovery and well being is our primary focus, and we strive to ensure them receive the best care we can provide.

Our therapist assesses and provides treatment to various injuries and onditions, post surgery and orthopedic conditions through manual therapy, active exercise program and our advanced physiotherapy devices.

Clinic Description:          Newly renovated close to 3000 Square foot space, well     

                                          equipped  with advanced therapeutic and gym equipment.    

                                          Fully wheelchair accessible by elevator, hallway and inside  

                                          clinic.  22 Large windows for natural lighting  

Other Onsite services:   We have 3 RMT, 1 Chiropractor, 1 Acupuncturist, and     

Other medical services: There are 10 Family Physicians, 6 Cardiologists,                      

In the same plaza            2 Endocrinologists, 1 pharmacy and a few dentists

 Parking & Bus:                Large Free Parking Lots, Both TTC and YRT accessible.

 Funding:                           Private --- Health insurance, auto insurance and self  


                                           Public --- WSIB, local government health funding (VCHC)

                                                           PACT Program