Acacia Health

Acacia  Health  is  an interdisciplinary  clinic  in Victoria BC  providing outstanding, collaborative and comprehensive  health  care  in  a professional and welcoming  environment.


Our practitioners are provided comprehensive support in order to develop excellence in practice, and we have a team of providers to collaborate with and learn from.   We  are  an environmentally  conscious  and  responsible  clinic,  implementing business  practices  that  limit  the  environmental  impact  of  our  day  to  day  practices.


Our clinic values are:

Client Centered, Patient First

Our staff and practitioners provide a personalized approach that focuses on the client’s needs and goals as the central driver of care.

Warmth and Caring

A warm and caring atmosphere provides a solid foundation for healing and change. It also promotes team building and collaboration. We strive to have fun when we can, and we are supportive and caring of one another, as we each take risks and grow.


We work cooperatively and effectively with our colleagues and our clients. We value innovation through collaboration, to optimize our client’s healthcare.

Outstanding care

Each and every team member at Acacia contributes to the client’s experience and outcomes. Our goal is to exceed expectations, and to provide the best possible care we can to our clients.


All members the Acacia Health team create an environment that is inclusive of
all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, and persons with disabilities

Authenticity and Responsibility

Acacia Health is a community where folks take responsibility for themselves and their actions. We know that honesty is a key foundation for the team’s success, and that by being responsible, we also provide ourselves and the team with the opportunity to do better.